A strange hand on the PokerStars Big Game

PokerStars Big GameIn a hand that didn’t make the televised show, Tony G and David “Viffer” Peat clashed in a very odd hand; in the space of a few seconds the two players decided to exchange one card from their hand, blind!

The amazing part of the hand is that with the exchange, both players went from marginal holdings to premium hands! Viffer was dealt an A-7, and Tony G was dealt a K-7. With the rest of the table engaged in table talk only William Reynolds noticed the two swap cards from each other’s hand, which elicited a series of chuckles, and “WHAT’S?!?!?!” from the other players when they were made aware of the unorthodox play.

Viffer was given Tony G’s 7, giving him a pocket pair, and Tony G ended up with Viffer’s Ace, giving him AK – the Ace from Space, As Tony G is so fond of saying!

The flop was a beautiful T-J-Q for Tony G who held the absolute nuts, and got action from Viffer since Viffer knew Tony hadn’t paired the Ace he was given.

Unfortunately, when a King fell on the river Viffer didn’t even bother to wait for Tony to act, and insta-mucked his hand. The table was in hysterics until Viffer explained he had passed Tony G an Ace.

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