Online Poker Bots Exploited by Player

One of the many risks involved in playing online poker is playing against poker bots. They never tire, they strictly follow statistics, and they never go emotional. They are very calculating and you may have already spotted a number of them as you play online poker. It’s actually hard to win against poker bots as they are very accurate and precise and their actions are close to perfection. Close to perfection indeed as an online player was able to exploit the limitations in their programming and has made quite a bit of cash.

Sam VS the Bots

Sam, who is also known as “10khero” on the poker forums managed to pull a fast one on a ring of bots online. Sam first noticed a number of players waiting for some action at the heads up tables. It was weird for Sam as he noticed that the different players have very similar play styles. Sam tried to vary his play from one session to the next, but his opponents acted the same. Sam then knew that he was playing against bots. HE then devised an exploit based on how the bots were coded. With a number of trials and errors, he gathered enough information. Sam knew that he could 3-bet a huge range against the bots preflop and he was also able to pinpoint their preflop, folding, calling and 4-betting ranges. Sam became so proficient in the exploit that he was consistently making money. To make matters even more interesting, he even taught his girlfriend about the exploit even though she isn’t exactly knowledgeable when it comes to poker. Of course, in response to this, the bots then stopped playing when they have reached the limit. Sam however discovered that all you have to do to get the bots to play again is to leave and wait 30 seconds or so and come back again. The bots then will play you for another 5-6 hands.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Sam was actually making money consistently through his exploits against the bots, although he knew that it would be too good to be true if this was not exposed. Players will eventually notice the bots and complain about them, and one player did exactly as he expected. Within an hour and a half after the post on the forums, the bots were gone and the issue then was if he will be allowed to withdraw his funds, seeing that they came from an exploit. He reasoned out that if his funds weren’t going to be released, all the funds of the players who’ve won against the bots should be frozen as well. As a result, Sam was able to withdraw his funds and has now transferred them to a new bank account. Of course, there are people who envy Sam, and there are those who wished that they were able to exploit the bots as well. There are also those who want to criticize Sam’s venture. Who knows, it is possible that these are the operators of the poker bots in the first place. Regardless, Sam has managed to pull a fast one and has succeeded.

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