PokerStars Marketing Code April 2011

The large variety of games, user friendly interface and of course the exciting and big-money cash prizes distinguish PokerStars from all other online poker sites. Offering an excellent player experience, poker heavyweights such as Daniel Negreanu and Greg Raymer have endorsed PokerStars. Poker fans who haven’t opened an account with this site can now do so very easily using the PokerStars Marketing Code April 2011 PSP3653 to get a 100% bonus.

Follow these steps to get your bonus:

1,) Visit Pokerstars
2,) Create a new account and enter the March 2011 marketing code: PSP3653
3,) Make a $600 deposit to get your maximum bonus
4,) Start dominating at the tables

Opening a PokerStars account and getting your 100% bonus

You need to enter PSP3653 as the PokerStars Marketing Code April 2011 when you create an account. This marketing code is used for tracking new players. The good news is that on a deposit of any amount up to $600, you get a 100% bonus. So, if you place a $50 deposit, you get a $50 deposit bonus from PokerStars. The poker operator gives you 3 months to place deposits of up to $600, allowing you to take maximum advantage of the 100% bonus. Fund transfer can be done through checks, echecks, credit cards, NETeller, Moneybookers etc.

Signing up is easy and quick, taking under five minutes. Once you sign up using the ‘PSP3653’ marketing code, you have to enter the PokerStars Bonus Code ‘STARS600’ to claim you free bonus of up to $600. Upon making your first deposit, your account will be credited with the 100% bonus.

Clearing your bonus

PokerStars offers you an ample time of six months to earn your welcome bonus, which is much more than the 1-3 months that other online poker sites give you. For the bonus to be released, you have to play real money poker games and earn VIP points (VPPs). For every 170 points you earn, the bonus will be transferred to your account in $10 increments.

If you thought that the 100% bonus using the PokerStars Marketing Code April 2011 was a good deal, there is more. PokerStars offers great promotions on a slew of poker tournaments that come with big prize money, even up to a million dollars! Basically, the terms are relaxed and the opportunities are plenty when you sign up with PokerStars.

Earning your VPPs at PokerStars

You earn VPPs by playing just about any of the real money poker tournaments and games on the site.
Tournaments – The VPPs you get for real money tournaments are calculated on the basis of the buy-in fee. For every $1 you pay as buy-in fee, you are awarded 5 VPPs. A $10 bonus conversion occurs once you have 170 VPPs in your kitty.
Cash games – The VPPs earned on cash games will depend on the rake you win with each hand. When the rake generated is big enough, you can earn anywhere between 1 and 3 VPPs.

Even if you are not an expert poker player, you can convert your bonus in the six months with ease. Playing at  at least 100NL, where high rake is generated, is recommended to collect VPPs and convert bonus quickly.

You have nothing to lose and a lot to win when you play at PokerStars. Make the most of this opportunity and reap rich rewards.

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