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ABC Poker

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abc poker

ABC Poker – noun A player that essentially plays poker exactly by the book is often called an ABC Poker player. An example would be, never calling a raise out of position with unsuited connectors. Most books would tell you to never make this move but an advanced player will often base his decision on [...]

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This has nothing to do with an ATM or poker

ATM – Noun A player (often a Donkey) that seems to have an endless supply of cash to lose to the other players at the table. I was short stacked and almost busto till my next paycheck till this friggin ATM sat down at the table. Did you like this? Share it:

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Bad Beat

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bad beat poker

Bad Beat – noun A bad beat takes place when a hand that is a statistical favorite to win at any given point (Aces vs. Kings for example) actually loses the pot. When this occurs on any Internet Poker Site, the losing player almost always complains that “online poker is rigged” either in the chat [...]

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Big Slick

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Big Slick – Noun Perhaps the most famous term in Holdem, Big Slick is the descriptor used to indicate you’re holding Ace King as your hole cards. This hand has achieved legendary status thanks to televised poker coverage as many All In showdowns are the result of a player holding Big Slick. The name comes [...]

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Bluff Poker

Bluff – verb The act of betting with no made hand (for example, you’re holding 7-2 off suit and with the board reading J J A A Q, you make a big bet trying to indicate you’re holding the best hand). Also requires a damn good Poker Face. Yeah, my bluff was very well timed. [...]


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Donkey – noun There’s nothing complimentary about called a Donkey, no matter the context. Being called a Donkey in a poker game is no exception – the term is most often applied to a player that makes terrible decisions yet still wins the hand. It can also describe a player that constantly loses their chips [...]

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Double Barrel

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double barrel

Double Barrel – verb To Double Barrel is to make two consecutive big bets (bluffs) when you have no hand and no draw. This types of antics are often well covered on televised events such as the World Series of Poker. A player must carefully choose a good spot and have great timing to be [...]

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Johnny Cash poker

Flipping – Verb Putting in a pre-agreed upon amount of money heads up before the flop regardless of your hole cards. Essentially a coin-flip because the bet has been made completely blind. While not quite as popular today, back in late 2008 and through the first half of 2009 players such as Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, Phil [...]


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Freeroll whore

Freeroll – noun The original use of the word “freeroll” came about when Poker Rooms would offer a free poker tournament with zero entry fee for the participants. These were along the lines of other “free” promotions such as free slots play or a free bet at the Craps table. In poker slang, the word [...]

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coffee grinder

Grinder – Noun A Grinder is a poker player that demonstrates an uncanny ability to play a specific limit and/or game and continue to edge out a profit (albeit a small one in relative terms). This term most often applies to low and middle stakes players that play multiple tables at once at a certain [...]


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LAG – acronym A player with a Loose Aggressive style is often called a LAG. While the term has negative connotations, it’s merely another way to characterize a players actions at the poker table. Loose means that he’s likely to play a wide range of hands in almost any position, aggressive meaning he’s always on [...]

Poker Chip Tricks

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Poker Chip Tricks

Chip Tricks – Verb The act of doing “tricks” while holding poker chips in your hand. This can include spinning, bouncing, and manipulating the chips in various ways to impress tired poker players at the table and any hot chicks that may be on the rail watching. Dutch Boyd used to do some cool chip [...]

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Poker Face

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Poker Face – Noun An expressionless face during a tense moment in a poker game so as not to give any information to an opponent. This guy had a Poker Face like I’ve seen before – I tried to get a read on him after he pushed on the flop but I was only holding [...]

Post Oak Bluff

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post oak bluff

Post Oak Bluff – noun A Post Oak Bluff is a term that was first used back in the 70′s according to Doyle Brunson. Essentially it’s a bluff bet disguised to look like a value bet. The logic being that your opponent, assuming that he/she is not a complete Donkey will believe that you’re holding [...]

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Run it Twice

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Run(ning) it Twice – verb Common in high stakes cash games (and countless lower stakes home poker games), the act of “Running it Twice” is dealing the board two times instead of just one. Players sometimes agree to this in an All In situation where there’s considerable money on the line. Here’s an example: David [...]

String Bet

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String Bet in a can

String Bet – noun A form of Angle Shooting, a string bet is made when a player places a bet using his/her chips (waits to see the reaction of their opponents) and then makes an additional bet by reaching for more chips and putting them out with the original bet. That’s a mouthful so re-read [...]

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Suck Out

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Suck Out – noun To suck out on a player is a similar term to Bad Beat. Essentially meaning the same thing, the term applies when one player is a statistical favorite to win a hand by a large margin but the other player manages to catch the winning card(s) to win the hand instead. [...]

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TAG – noun A Tight Aggressive player is also known as a TAG. You will find TAG’s primarily in the middle stakes games, particularly the Limit versions. As opposed to a LAG player, a TAG player will not play very many hands – choosing to wait for premium starting hands before entering a pot. Post flop [...]

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The River

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The River – noun The River is the final card card dealt in Texas Holdem, also known as Fifth Street. This term also applies to the final card dealt in Omaha. Variations: Rivered – verb When you’re holding the best hand but the River card gives your opponent the winning hand, often you’ll hear someone [...]


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Tilt – verb What may happen after a Donkey Sucks Out and cracks your pocket Aces. Typically when someone loses a hand that they’re a favorite to win and/or takes a string of losses at the table. Symptoms of Tilt are making bad calls when you know you’re behind in a hand, raising with weak [...]