Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker has been around since 2003, pretty much the big bang for online poker, back then the site was poppin! There was a freeroll happening every half an hour, some paying $50, some paying in Mark Seif bobble-heads. 2006 brought even more players to the Absolute Poker network, the site merged with UB, then known more commonly as Ultimate Bet Poker.

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Within a short timeframe players could easily swap their monies back and forth from Absolute Poker to UB, and then back again. In 2007, the Absolute Poker scandal was blown wide open. Absolute Poker was the first site ever to accused of cheating. Their case was tried in public in the forums at 2+2, and on poker sites like Pocket Fives.

In a way, Absolute Poker has done more than any other poker site to bring the poker community together as one in terms of regulation. The end result varies a bit depending on who you ask, but the two most largely believed versions of the cheating scandal at Absolute Poker are that Russ Hamilton and his cronies were cheating, looking at players hole cards during tournaments, and cleaning up.

The official version of the story is that some contractor left a whole in the sites security.

Absolute Poker’s owned by Kahnawake, the licensing agency that governs them, or so some say. The end result included fines, and well, basically some high priced wrist slapping that left a very large profit margin for cheaters.

That’s the downside, the upside is that Absolute poker underwent major audits thereafter, and the poker community has learned a lot about cheating patterns, collusion, and protecting themselves and each other from cheating poker sites.

It is hard to recommend Absolute Poker after their history of cheating, it will forever remain in the back of the minds of those who were affected by it. However, as a result, Absolute Poker is likely one of the safest online poker rooms available.

The site was originally developed by 4 college buddies, including Russ Hamilton.

Needless to say, Absolute Poker’s player based dipped by, a lot, in 2007. Since that time, they’ve hired a pretty aggressive PR team, done a lot in the way of marketing, have picked up quite a few new players.

Again, there are pros and cons to this development:

There aren’t as many players as there once were playing at Absolute Poker.

The players that are playing at Absolute Poker are probably unaware of the scandal of 2007, meaning their new to poker, and likely, tasty targets.

Games Available at Absolute Poker

The types of games available to you are outstanding and the game play is phenomenal. Not only can you play what is arguably the most popular poker game in the free world today, Texas Holdem, you have the ability to try your hand at several other online poker games.

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Absolute Poker Features

Stud Poker Games, Omaha Poker, Mixed Games

If you’re looking for a larger variety of online poker games, you might want to try a different poker site. If you’re looking to play Holdem, then the short handed poker games at AP offer a ton of fast moving action.

If you find yourself looking for even more action the blackjack tables are open around the clock.

If you should find that you’re just not ready to play poker for real money, well you’re a wuss, but, there are games that you just use play money and learn the ins and outs of the game, great way to get started. Perhaps you’re a bit more experienced and would like to try your hand at winning some cash money, make a deposit which by the way they make very easy unlike some other sites and start playing. Either way, the choice is always yours and you can play where you like.

Now no poker site would be complete without offering tournaments and Absolute Poker has not missed the mark on that. There are tournaments running 24/7 year round without fail. Just as before, you can choose to play a free roll where you have no investment of your own, or you can choose to play a tournament where you buy-in and chase your dreams. Each offers different prizes and some can be rather extraordinary. Let’s also not forget about the sit-n-go tourneys where you can play as long as you want and then simply get up and walk away. Pretty awesome!

The STEPS events can be played for as little as a dime. Imagine that, buying into the WSOP for 10 pennies.

Absolute Poker Software – Just about as simple as it gets

Some sites out there are a bit difficult to navigate because their software is, well, just a bit too complicated, that is definitely not the case at Absolute Poker. The software is updated pretty frequently, but without adding the new games, and all the bells and whistles that the other sites are introducing everyday, their software’s remained pretty simple and easy to use by comparison.

Bonuses and Promotions at Absolute Poker

Another awesome benefit to this site is the bonuses and promotions they constantly offer. Today, for instance, they are offering a 15% bonus for anyone making a first time deposit. They’re paying you just for doing something you were going to do anyway, how cool is that.

Finally, their customer service is far and above anything out there. Any problem you may encounter, and it’s doubtful you’ll encounter even one, is handled professionally and expeditiously to your satisfaction without fail. In short, you simply cannot find a better place to come, play and enjoy yourself whenever you get the itch to play.

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