Carbon Poker

Finding an online poker room is easy, but finding one that fits your standards can be hard. Here is some information on one of the best poker rooms you can find on the Internet – CarbonPoker

CarbonPoker’s History

CarbonPoker has been online since 2005, but in 2007 they decided to become a new poker brand. Little do people know, CarbonPoker used to be, but when they got bored with that, they decided to change their name to something more awesome.

CarbonPoker is powered by the Merge Gaming Network, who also powers many other online poker sites. Carbon was the first poker site under the Merge network, and since then Merge has continued to grow substantially.

Games Available

The games are pretty straight forward and the same that you would find on any other site – except they’re better. The tables are titillating, the players are easier, and there are freerolls running several times a day (with large prize pools several times a week). Just like every other poker website on the Internet, CarbonPoker has Texas Hold’em, Omaha Poker, Stud, Hi/low, Badugi, and many more. But it’s not even the games that hypnotize people towards this website, it’s the friendly competition and sexy design.


There is a ton of tournaments to choose from on this site. CarbonPoker is the equivalent to a giant convenience store full of beautiful women, beer and cheeseburgers. There are many options, but in a very organized fashion. Ranging from freerolls to guaranteed tournaments, there is definitely something on there for everyone. One of the widely known favorites are the Bounty Tournaments. Not only do you kill people off at the poker tables like a Call of Duty head shot, but you are also entered to win a huge money pot if you win.


Something about the sleekness of the black, gray and blue draws an audience of manly measures to CarbonPoker. It’s powered by the Merge Gaming Network and has a downloadable poker client that features incredible graphics and stable gaming. Some of the neat aspects of this software is the fact that the tables can be resized so multi-table poker player can further minimize them increasing the number of tables that can be played using available monitor space.

Carbon Poker Table

Bonuses and Promotions

Currently CarbonPoker is running some awesome promotions. Promotions include a $600 sign-up bonus, a $50 000 grand prix race, NFL freerolls, and the chance to become the Tourney King. If you become the Tourney King, you can brag to all your friends how you’ve spent so much time on the Internet, that you’re now the king of something. Carbon Poker also offers side games through the casino. Carbon Poker is one of the few pre paid credit card casinos.

There is one special promotion happening on CarbonPoker that is definitely something to look at. The Monthly Charity Tournament is going on right now, and is benefiting Haitian relief with a Texas Hold’em Tournament. Not getting involved and helping makes you look like a jerk. So do it.

Customer Service

CarbonPoker honors themselves in the fact that they have lightening fast reflexes and can email you back within 24 hours with answers for your questions. They are nerds, thus they will be able to help you in a friendly and timely manner. If you’re having problems with a specific game or table, be sure to include the game ID and number.

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