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Full Tilt poker is one of the two largest online poker sites in the entire world, comparable only with PokerStars. Much of this is because of their vast game selection, jam packed tournament menu, and extensive red pro player list, add all of that with the introduction of their newest brainchild, Rush Poker and you have gold. Surprisingly however, more often than not their success is simply attributed to their decision to remain in the United States market following the passage of the UIGEA.

Sure, America’s a big part of the online poker market, sure it’ll hurt poker rooms that leave the market, but with or without America’s support, acknowledgement of freedoms, and regulation, Full Tilt Poker pretty much rocks.

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Looking back at Full Tilt Poker

The Internet poker site we all lovingly refer to today as FTP originally opened their virtual doors to poker players during the summer of 2004, making Full Tilt a pretty young poker site actually. They hit the ground running though, starting out by slapping poker fans with an amazing marketing campaign and names that starstruck the poker playing public. Names such as Phil Ivey, and Chris Jesus Ferguson.

The poker site actively markets both their own product, as well as a long list of VIP poker players, the site refers to as Red Pro’s. What the hell do you care about their marketing strategy? You must have wondered why we’re going on about it here. The reason’s simple. The tables at Full Tilt Poker are jam packed with action. There are sharks at Full Tilt Poker for sure, after all, you’re reading a review before you sign up to play at FTP, that’s a bit sharkish is it not?

In addition to the fella’s with the fins however, there are thousands, literally thousands of donk’s playing at Full Tilt Poker. Giving their money away, calling one outers for their entire stacks, using half assed strategies, or just playing to pass the time.

In addition to these total no0b type donk’s, are the self proclaimed donks. These are the guys that are known for openly calling out the donks, and then writing virtual poker books right into the chat window, spouting their recycled poker strategies, and calling names. They don’t pause to take advantage of the players they consider fish, instead, they spew obscenities, and chase away the money.

There are hundreds of these guys using old recycled poker strategies, and easily identifying themselves in the chat windows just fresh for the picking. Jot down some names, hit google, look up their stats on some of the poker tool websites, you’ll see what we mean.

Games Available at Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt offers one of the most comprehensive game selections online.

Limit Poker Games available

Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo, Razz

Pot Limit Poker Games available at Full Tilt Poker

Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo

No Limit Poker Games offered at Full Tilt

Texas Holdem, Omaha Hi/Lo

Tournaments at Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt poker is a tournament players dream come true. The site offers super high stakes games every week, with satellites available for those who want to try their luck at winning a seat instead of or before purchasing their ticket outright. There are guaranteed prize pool events starting around the clock, as well as a ton of other types of tournaments.

The biggest game of the week is the Full Tilt $750K Sunday Guarantee, played every Sunday. The buyin for that game is $216. In addition to the big game held every Sunday, Full Tilt also features the Sunday Brawl earlier on Sundays, and the Sunday Mulligan later on in the evening.

  • The Sunday Brawl kicks off at 14:00 ET (19:00 GMT) players battle it out across virtual felt for each others knockout bounties and a share in a prize pool guaranteed to be at least $350K
  • The $750K Guarantee, mentioned above, kicks off weekly at 18:00 ET (23:00 GMT)
  • The Sunday Mulligan is the late night event of Sunday tournament action, players pit their late night poker skills against one another for a share in a $200K Guaranteed prize pool, this event begins Sundays at 19:05 ET (00:05 GMT).

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Introducing the Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS)

Full Tilt offers tournaments in every type of poker game offered on the site, including mixed game events! The newest tournament style offered at Full Tilt Poker is the Rush Poker event, which was recently included in the sites internationally renowned poker series, the Full Tilt Online Poker Series, lovingly referred to as the FTOPS.

The first ever FTOPS series was held just a few years ago, during the summer of 2006. Since then the series is offered by Full Tilt Poker every three months. The event is centered around the series main event, which is a $500 buyin event with a $35 fee. The event’s a no limit holdem tournament with a huge guaranteed prize pool. This isn’t the highest buyin available, as the series has recently featured tournaments with buyin’s as high as $2500 with a $120 fee paid to the house (The house is cleanin’ up!)

The FTOPS is comparable to PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker, aside from the frequency, Stars offers their series annually, whereas Full Tilt’s going event is held quarterly.

Rush Poker – Poker played Expediently

As we mentioned above, the newest game offered on the Full Tilt Poker tournament schedule is Rush Poker, best described as Holdem on Crack! Rush poker is played in rapid fire motion, almost like a game of musical chairs melded into a poker tournament.

Here’s how it all happens:

Each player is a poker hand just the same as they would be in any poker game. The players then decide if they’d like to fold or stay n play. Players that aren’t in the blinds, that opt to fold, can click a new button called the ‘quick fold’ button and immediately be whisked away to a new table where they’re immediately dealt in.

Their ghost hangs out at the previous table and folds in turn so that the previous game remains unaffected by their out of turn action. Originally Rush poker was only available to Ring game players, however, the site recently launched Rush Poker tournaments, and added the now most popular poker game online to FTOPS schedules.

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Full Tilt Poker Software

Full Tilt’s software is top notch. There are updates almost daily, they take just a second to download, and the software is ever improving. Mac Poker players have no problems when accessing Full Tilt, and even Linux players, using Ubuntu have found their way to Full Tilt. The graphics aren’t the most popular, and the avatars lack of originality leaves something to be desired.

Players can access a plethora of statistics from the lobby, including average pot size, players to the flop %, and the amount of hands played per hour.

The site also offers note taking abilities, and a ton of stats on each players individual game. For right now, players looking for their hand histories will have to email support, however, we’ve had a look at the new hand history request beta, and know for a fact that players will soon be able to access hands from up to 100 previous events from inside the poker lobby.

Bonuses and Promotions

Full Tilt’s promotions department has improved by leaps and bounds over the last year or so. More often than not players find themselves either clearing an unsolicited bonus, or accepting one.

The site has recently made some changes however that don’t benefit the player. Changes in the way players accrue points that will directly take point’s away from Multi Tabling poker players for instance. The major change in this area is that the site no longer uses the dealt method of calculation for crediting players with rake paid.

The site now uses the Weighted Contributed method, meaning if you’re playing in a hand, and you fold, you get no credit for that hand, unless you had at some point during the hand put money into the pot.

This will also greatly effect Rush Poker players.

Full Tilt offers a 100% deposit bonus to brand new players, up to a cap of $600. This is one of the highest bonuses offered to online poker players by a site that accepts United States players. It’s such a great bonus offer that PokerStars copied it, exactly.

Customer Support offered at Full Tilt Poker

The support Full Tilt offers is fabulous. They offer email support. Within a few seconds of sending an email, a player will receive a confirmation that their mail was received. This is a pretty unimpressive auto response, but at least you know you didn’t typo the address.

Within a half hour of receiving that mail, players generally receive an email with an answer to their question. Full Tilt does require however that players use their registered email whenever asking for support. Recently though, the poker site has started answering vague and generic questions from any email account, so if you email about a rule, they may not refer to your personal situation, but they will go ahead and clarify the rule for you. Saving lots of time.

What that means is, they improve where they can.

They are still lacking though in the opinion of our reviewers. They’re taking a ton of rake, they’re scraping in tournament fee’s but the truckloads. They’re enjoying being one of the two largest poker sites in the world, the entire world. Wow.

Live chat and telephone support are long over due.

Email support is available every day of the year, including Christmas, 24 hours a day.

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