Rush Poker Tournament Strategy


Full Tilt Poker now offers Rush Poker Tournaments to compliment their already hyper-successful offering of the cash game variety. If you’re not familiar with the concept, it basically takes the waiting out of the game. In a standard poker game or tournament you have to wait a few minutes for the next hand (assuming you folded out) – Rush Poker turns that idea on it’s ear. In this variant of the classic game, you are “Rushed” to a new table and instantly dealt another hand. Fold again? Rinse. Repeat. This goes on until you go broke in a cash game or are busted out in a tournament.

Since this is a new concept to the online poker community, smart players are likely already looking for the latest on Rush Poker Tournament Strategy. Having played many sessions myself of this game, I’d like to share just a few concepts on how to beat these tournaments.

Time is on your side

Contrary to what you may think, you have more time in a Rush Poker Tournament to wait for premium hands. Does this mean fold every mediocre or crap hand that you’re dealt? I think not. In an earlier article I shared my thoughts on Andy Bloch’s comments regarding Rush Poker Tactics – In it he talks about the fact that the game is creating ABC poker players.  There’s some chatter about raising on the button and people folding – In my opinion you should use this tactic carefully. My reasons are listed clearly in that article so feel free to read it if you’re so inclined, I won’t rehash that here.

With that concept in mind (that the game creates ABC poker players), you should strive to become one too. You should also strive to become an A B G or B E K poker player, meaning that you should adapt to the situation (the rushed nature of the game) and be able to switch gears accordingly. Let the other players think that time is NOT on their side and make smart plays at the opportune times.

This concept is pretty abstract,  I understand. However, you should really put some thought into things such as three or four betting opponents in this game, especially when you’re in the Blinds or in late position. You have to be prepared to get knocked out soon or take it to the house in this game.

If you enjoy the frenetic pace of Rush Poker – You’ll love this one. It’s the perfect follow up with an even quicker pace and the ability to build your bankroll MUCH quicker than Rush Poker. Try it today and after downloading, find the All In or Fold games in the lobby.

Post Flop Play in Rush Poker

The single biggest mistake I see players make in this format is acting like their post flop should be just their pre-flop play. Wrong. You should play post flop here just the same way you would play in a standard game. Guess what? The other players that folded are gone, long gone. They’ve been whisked away to another table and you’re left here with the remaining players in the hand. Standard rules apply here and so the does the clock so play the exact same way you’d play in any other situation. Don’t make mistakes you wouldn’t normally make at a regular table. It can cost you here just the same.

Playing TAG in Rush Poker

I would say the vast majority of players in this game are Tight Agressive (TAG). Nothing wrong with this approach but again, I think the key is the ability to switch gears and play Loose Agressive (LAG) just as much if not more in this situation. The game moves so quickly no one is taking copious notes, at best they’re color coding you based on TAG or LAG or whatever. If that’s the case, even better for you because when you switch gears on them they won’t know what happened (other than the fact that they are staring at the dreaded “You just lost” screen).

At the end of the day I still see Rush Poker as a big experiment. One that’s working for Full Tilt because players love it and they’re playing the game frequently. Also it’s an ongoing experiment from the perspective of many online poker veterans, it’s something new that’s creating a new type of player. Whether these new types of players have long term success remains to be seen. At the end of the day it’s going to be what you make of it, so give it a try and see what happens. Remember though, you have to put in the time.

Even if it is in a Rush.

Good Luck at the tables!

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