New Software Introduced by Bodog Poker Network will Allow Gamers to Play Anonymously

New software has been introduced by the Bodog Poker Network to increase the traffic of casual and recreational gamers on its sites. It will restrict the use of poker-tracking software through which experienced gamers get to enjoy an edge over recreational players.

With the new software, Bodog players will no longer have access to hand histories and other data of their opponents. Screen names of players are removed from cash games and tournament tables. The ground-breaking decision by Bodog is shocking for the industry.

No Players will be Identified by Names

The new software replaces the names of players in a game by their seat numbers. The images of players are also removed. Since they cannot be identified by names, it is no longer possible for players to predict the moves of their opponents by studying their hand histories. According to Jonas Odman, the Vice President of the Bodog Network, with the introduction of the new software, Bodog will become one of the fairest platforms for gambling online.

While the introduction of the new software has created a little tension in the poker world, Odman stated that Bodog Poker Network is not scared of controversies. The company transformed the manner in which rakeback was viewed a while ago. Viewing data mining sites was also blocked by Bodog earlier this year.

On making the announcement of the new software launch, Bodog was highly criticized by poker pros in the industry who stated that if players’ information is restricted from being accessed, collision and bot use will increase. Bodog’s plan to introduce anonymous tables began in September 2010, when the site deleted full tables from its sites so that data mining and traffic tracking sites like PokerScout and PTR are not able to access information of players’ hands.

Microgaming Poker Network makes No-Limit-Heads-Up-Tables Anonymous

Around the same time when Bodog launched its new software, Microgaming also announced the expansion of anonymous poker tables on its sites. Microgaming powered online poker rooms will now have anonymous no-limit-heads-up, 6-max limit and full ring no-limit tables. However, in case of beginners’ tables, there will be a limited number of anonymous tables.

As opposed to the anonymous tables of the Bodog Network in which players are identified by their seat numbers during a tournament, players of Microgaming sites are identified by an anonymous handle. Anonymous tables on a small scale were introduced by Microgaming earlier this year on selected heads-up play and no-limit ring games.

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