Annie Duke announces new iPhone App

Looks like that stint on Celebrity Apprentice turned Annie into a female Donald Trump – the poker entrepreneur has now launched her own iPhone App. Complete with poker tutorials as well as the obligatory link to her poker site of choice, the app is actually pretty good. You get free access to a poker odds calculator, poker tips, and a link to her Twitter account (because we all want to know what Annie’s up to 24/7, right?).

So what else does this App do? Well. Pretty much what you just read.

Cmon now, it’s a FREE App. What did you expect - A poker bot?

About Annie Duke: Annie is a professional poker player that has established herself as one of the best women poker players in the world. She actually hates that tag and would much prefer to be seen as just a great poker player (no need for tags, she says). Beyond the poker table she’s a loving, single mother and is very passionate about charities around the world such as the Ante Up For Africa tournament that she hosts every year along with Don Cheadle.

She also plays regularly online at Ultimate Bet and is a regular on the World Series of Poker tournament trail. You can see Annie playing live at the upcoming 2010 WSOP that’s being held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Editors note: I once took a huge online pot from Annie when I spiked a two outer on the River. Check out UB, she may be online right now.

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