Bright Future for US Online Poker

Although the issue surrounding the legality of online poker in the US hasn’t progressed all that much, Caesar’s Entertainment CEO Gary Loveman believes that the future of online poker in the US is, in fact, bright and well. Loveman explains that it’s not a matter of “if” online poker in the US will be legalized and regulated, but a matter of “when” instead.

Why Online Poker in the US will be Legalized

Loveman is pretty confident that the future of US online poker is a good one since its legalization will provide thousands of US citizens job opportunities which will benefit the whole country. There are a number of states including New Jersey and California that have made proposals, or passed legislature that will allow online poker in the US. There are also some states that are currently working on passing legislature as well, and Loveman sees that everything is looking good. One of the most important states is California, as most of the professional poker players can be found residing in the state. Another reason why online poker in the US has a bright future is because Obama recently formed a super committee on raising $1.5 trillion. The kick is that the committee is composed of 12 people and a number of these people are known advocates of the legalization of online poker in the US. Also, remember that online poker can generate tax revenues as well, and the committee has been given absolute power in the matter of finding the money and their decision will greatly help the current state of online poker in the US if ever they decide that it’s a viable source of revenue.

Loveman’s Statement

When Loveman was interviewed about the issue about online poker, he stated “I can’t think of another example where there is something an American can buy that no American entity can provide. I do believe there is a will in Congress to correct this… We ought to clean up the regulatory and policing environment and that’s what we’re seeking. First, it creates the appropriate legal and enforcement environment where the game is being provided fairly by regulated entities that are known to the American Authorities. Second, there’s a lot of job creation associated with this; we could provide thousands of American jobs if given the right to do so and there would be the benefit of tax revenues.”

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