Carbon Poker Offers $10,000 Chip King Freeroll Tournament this November

Carbon Poker has announced an exciting promotion for this month. The Chip King Promotion that the site is running is worth $10,000. The program started on November 1st. From November 6th, a free-roll tournament is being made available to players on every Saturday. The promotion will run for the entire month.

Carbon Poker Sets Qualifying Criteria for the Chip King Promotion

To qualify for the offer, players have to opt-in to the promotion. Those who manage to earn a minimum of 50 VIP points can the avail the promotion.

Each tournament operated by the poker room comes with a fixed qualifying period. If a player is able to earn the requisite number of VIP points within the fixed period, he will qualify for a freeroll. Free chips are offered to players based on the number of VIP points they collect. For 50-99.9 points collected by players, 250 chips are offered. On collecting between 100 and 249.9 VIP points, players are rewarded with 500 chips. 1000 chips are offered if players collect between 500 and 999.0 VIP points.

Chip King Freeroll Tournament Prize Pool Increases Every Week

The prize pool offered on the Chip King Freeroll Tournament is increasing every week. In the first week, the poker site offered $1,000 cash. The amount has increased by $500 dollars in the second week. The prize pool offered for the third week is $2,500. On 27th of November, an exclusive $5,000 tournament will be offered. Players, who can collect the maximum number of VIP points till 26th November, will be able to play in the $5,000 tournament.

Carbon Poker Notifies Players about their Positions through Leaderboard Rankings

Carbon Poker ranks players on a leaderboard on the basis of their performance. Names of top 100 participants of Chip King Freeroll Tournament are displayed on the leaderboard. If a player’s name appears on the leaderboard, he has a good chance of making it to the final tournament.

VIP Points will be Considered After Activating the Promotion

To be a part of the promotion, players have to activate it. This can be done through the Active Promo button on the lobby. Once the promotion is activated, the points collected by players count towards the qualifying criteria. The poker site tracks the number of points collected by players after the promotion is activated. Points collected prior to this don’t contribute towards the qualifying criteria.

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