Chip Leader tops Betfair’s World Series of Poker betting lines

WSOP 2010Not surprisingly, Jonathan Duhamel is the clear money-favorite to win the 2010 World Series of Poker Final according to the popular sports-betting and online poker site Betfair. In fact, the only ambiguity involving the betting-lines and the players’ chip-stacks involves top poker player Mike “The Grinder” Mizrachi, who despite being in 7th place in chips, is in a virtual tie for 3rd place on Betfair’s money-line.

Here is a look at the betting-lines for the final 9 competitors at the WSOP Main Event, along with their chip-counts:

  1. Jonathan Duhamel: 13-5 (65,975,000)
  2. John Dolan: 4-1 (46,250,000)
  3. Joseph Cheong: 7-1 (23,525,000)
  4. John Racener: 9-1 (19,050,000)
  5. Michael Mizrachi: 15-2 (14,450,000)
  6. Matthew Jarvis: 13-1 (16,700,000)
  7. Filippo Candio: 14-1 (16,400,000)
  8. Soi Nguyen: 22-1 (9,650,000)
  9. Jason Senti: 24-1 (7,625,000)

In my completely amateurish opinion the best bets would be John Racener at 9-to-1 and Jason Senti at 24-to-1. Both men are top poker players who are unlikely to be overwhelmed by the stage –especially Senti who literally has nothing to lose as the short-stack at the table.

Racener runs in a circle of top poker players, and Senti was put into the Main Event by Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond, so both men will have a fountain of tournament wisdom to draw on.

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