Deliverance Poker vs. Michael Mizrachi Trial Date Finally Set

It seems that Deliverance Poker has not yet forgotten the wrongdoings that Michael “the Grinder” Mizrachi committed against them as they are putting the pressure on the said poker pro and finally getting a date set for the trial.

Trial Date Finally Set

Last March 1, the two parties were urged to try mediating the matter between themselves first. However, Deliverance did not seem too keen on this idea as it showed up once again on March 3 bearing a list of witnesses and exhibits. One very pressing piece of evidence was the contract signed by Mizrachi himself. Mizrachi’s attorneys tried to protect Mizrachi from being questioned by Deliverance Poker’s attorneys by saying that Deliverance has yet to show any documentation to Tilt Ware concerning the said incident. Tilt Ware’s attorneys also tried to file an expedited motion to dismiss the case, saying that the US district court does not have enough ‘subject matter jurisdiction’ to hear Deliverance Poker’s complaint.

However, Judge James Nowlin has already set a definite date for the trial on April 25 at 9:00 AM. It might just be one of the biggest cases of drama we’ll see in the poker industry this year, especially with the sensitive nature of the incident involving Full Tilt, Mizrachi, and Deliverance Poker.

The Story

There might not be a lot of people who really remember the incident since it blew up way back in 2010. But basically, what happened was this: Michael Mizrachi was a Deliverance poker pro for the better part of 2010. Even as he was playing at the WSOP Main Event, Mizrachi was wearing Deliverance poker gear. But then, at the last day before final table play, Mizrachi suddenly did a switcheroo and donned Full Tilt Poker Gear. There could have been no bigger show of betrayal, especially for an aspiring site such as Deliverance Poker. That Main Event run by Mizrachi could have been their big chance for exposure, but then Mizrachi turned traitor to them and decided to switch to Full Tilt at the last minute.

This was made even worse by the fact that Deliverance Poker apparently paid Mizrachi a big sum up front just so he would represent them. What Mizrachi did was a breach of contract and Deliverance was so incensed by what had happened that it sued both Mizrachi and Tiltware ltd., the parent company of Full Tilt Poker.

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