Lock Poker Enjoys Huge Boost

The Black Friday incident was a huge nightmare for most people, but for Lock Poker, it was a dream come true. From one of the lesser known poker rooms with only a small community of players, it went on to become a real contender in the online poker arena, a potential rival of the three biggest poker sites, all of which have been greatly weakened due to the actions of the US government.

From Zero to Hero

Lock Poker has greatly benefited from the misfortune of PokerStars, Full Tilt, and the CEREUS Network. It was the poker site that truly managed to scoop up the abandoned US market. It might sound a little bit underhanded, but then you can’t really blame Lock Poker for taking advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity like this. Of course, Lock Poker’s actions are not without risk. If the US government turns its vengeful eye upon them, they could face the very same problems that the Big Three are currently facing. But if the government does not, then Lock Poker has certainly hit paydirt. Furthermore, as long as the government ignores Lock Poker, then they’ll continue to get bigger and bigger – the proof of this is in the number of pros that it’s currently hiring.

More Pros, More Growth

With the WSOP drawing ever nearer, it’s important for Lock Poker to stake its claim in the industry. To do this, they’re going to need a bunch of talented pros to represent them. Seeing the lock poker logo at the WSOP would certainly raise its rep in the industry. As such, Lock Poker has hired three new pros to join their team, namely Michael “bigguylegend22” Drummond, Casey “Bigdogpckt5s” Jarzabek, and Brian “PrimodialAA” Pellegrino – all of whom are quite famous in the online poker scene as well as the live tournament scene. If just one of those in the Lock Poker team manages to make it into the final table of the main event, Lock Poker’s rep is sure to double, and with that, its traffic will increase.

Indeed, few other companies have enjoyed this much speed in terms of growth. Lock Poker is certainly lucky for chancing upon this big opportunity, and actually being decent enough in terms of service to be preferred by the abandoned players. Who knows, a few months from now, this site could possibly have skyrocketed into the top spot. It’s entirely possible.

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