Michael Mizrachi Wins WSOPE’s Event 5

Michael Mizrachi has been looking forward to his second WSOPE bracelet for months now and it was during this year’s WSOPE Mix Max Event that he managed to get it. The WSOPE featured a number of skilled players, but at the end of the day, it was Mizrachi who took home the bracelet together with the €336,008 prize money.

Different Formats

The €10,400 event saw a total of 125 players and lasted for 3 days. The event was pretty challenging for the players as it switched formats three times during the whole time it was held. The first day saw nine handed play, the second day saw a six handed play, and up until the third day with a heads up style of play. Another thing is that the opponents were randomly selected as well, which made things a lot more interesting and a lot challenging for the players at the same time. It will take a bit of preparation for one to make it into the final rankings.

Mizrachi’s Preparation

Since the mode of play of the event varied from day to day, Mizrachi knew that he had to prepare for it. “I strategized about it beforehand, and thought I applied a lot of pressure in different situations. I was trying to be very creative. I did some things that people usually don’t see, including some really crazy stuff. I was doing it nine handed, then six handed, and then short handed. I was trying a lot of different things.” Mizrachi said. As the event was concluded, Mizrachi was finally able to get his second WSOPE bracelet. “Everything was going my way and there was nothing anybody could do. It was my day.” Mizrachi said right after he won the event.

Shawn Buchanan vs. Michael Mizrachi

Right before the event was concluded, the couple of players left standing was Mizrachi and Shawn Buchanan, both very skilled poker players. Of course, Mizrachi’s A – 10 proved to be the superior hand compared to Buchanan’s A – J. Right at the end, Mizrachi praised Buchanan for his skill in the game. “Shaw is an unbelievable poker player. Very talented.” said Mizrachi right after the game. “All the good players know and respect him. The public does not know him, but they will. O really think he’s going to be one of the best players of all time.” Mizrachi continued.

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