New Bodog Poker Bad Beat Bonus

There’s nothing better than a bad beat bonus to cheer you up when you come so close to winning. On Bodog Poker, you can even make some serious money when you get a bad beat. You can now win up to $1,000 as bad beat bonus on the site.

When Do You Get the Bad Beat Bonus

Players win the bad beat bonus when they have a Full House with Aces full of Kings, or a better hand, and they get beaten by a Four of a Kind hand, or better. In such a situation, you stand to win 100 times the big blind amount with an upper limit of $1,000.

The bonus is available only when you are playing for real money in Texas Holdem cash games. Tournaments have been kept out of the scope of this offer. To be eligible for the bonus, both the winner and the loser must be using both of their pocket cards. The two hands must have also gone to a showdown, otherwise the bonus offer is not valid. Moreover, the hand should comprise of a minimum of three players.

Another restriction associated with this bonus offer is that the hands should have been played on their own – completely independently. You are not allowed to urge others to play in a certain way. Nor are you allowed to reveal your cards to any other player in the hand.

Other Terms and Conditions

To get the bonus amount, you need to submit your hand number as soon as possible, and no later than 48 hours of playing the hand. You can either email Bodog poker or give them a call to let them know the table name as well as the hand number to claim your bonus. You should also keep in mind that this bonus cannot be rolled over.

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