With Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot Worst Hands can Become the Best

Carbon Poker runs a special promotion called the Bad Beat Jackpot. The promotional offer is unique as it allows players to transform their worst hands into the best ones. The poker lobby has bad beat tables. If players participate in games at any of these tables, a bad hand can be transformed into one which allows players to win a lot of cash.

Worst Hands at Carbon Poker Can Fetch Players a Lot

When gamers play Texas Hold’em at Carbon Poker, they are driven by the aim of maximizing the value of their cards if they pick up Quads. If an opponent holds a Straight Flush or higher Quads, it is the worst situation that a player can face. However, even with such bad beats, players can win huge amounts of cash through the bad beat jackpot promotion at Carbon Poker.

Carbon Poker Sets Qualifying Criteria to Win the Bad Beat Jackpot

To win the jackpot, a player has to meet certain qualifying criteria set by the poker room. The player with the losing hand must have 4 Quad sevens. On the other hand, the player having the winning hand must have a minimum of 4 Quad Eights. It is necessary for both the winning and the losing hand to have hole cards. At the beginning of a hand, cards should be dealt-in to a minimum of four players. Till the hand ends, at least two players must remain active.

Carbon Poker Creates Jackpot Fund by Taking Seeds from Every Pot

When players participate in any of the bad beat tables designated by Carbon Poker, the poker room takes about 50 cents from each pot. Certain ring games are featured with this offer. When a monster hand is cracked, the winner gets the jackpot prize. In addition, every player at the table also gets a share of the prize pool. The highest share of the prize money is received by the player having the worst hand.

Hand that Starts is Rewarded with Jackpot Prize

If a situation arises when two qualifying hands hit the jackpot at the same time, the poker room awards the jackpot prize to the hand which started first. Within one hand, if two or more are eligible for the jackpot, the player with the biggest cards is considered by Carbon Poker for the jackpot prize.

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