Flipping – Verb

Putting in a pre-agreed upon amount of money heads up before the flop regardless of your hole cards. Essentially a coin-flip because the bet has been made completely blind.

While not quite as popular today, back in late 2008 and through the first half of 2009 players such asĀ Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, Phil Ivey, and even the mostly-conservative John Juanda were “Flipping” on sites like Full Tilt Poker on a daily basis.

Flip- Noun

AKA a coin toss, or coin flip. In Texas Holdem, an example would be Ace King vs. a pair of Tens pre-flop. The odds are nearly 50/50 as to which will win, thus many poker players will refer to this as a coin flip.

In some cases, players will agree to “Run it Twice” in a cash game because of the close-call nature of these hands. It’s considered a Bad Beat of sorts to lose both times when you have a hand like pocket Jacks vs. Ace Queen but then lose to the Ace Queen twice in a row.

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