Run it Twice

Run(ning) it Twice – verb

Common in high stakes cash games (and countless lower stakes home poker games), the act of “Running it Twice” is dealing the board two times instead of just one. Players sometimes agree to this in an All In situation where there’s considerable money on the line. Here’s an example:

David Benyamine goes All In holding pocket Jacks and Tom “Durrrr” Dwan calls holding Ace Queen of Hearts. Both players agree to Run it Twice so they flip their cards face up on the table. The Dealer then proceeds to deal the Flop, Turn, and River and declare a winner. All five cards are then moved aside and the Dealer will again peel off the Flop, Turn, and River cards. Another winner is declared and the next hand will begin.

In extreme cases, players may agree to Run it three times or more.

Many people ask this question after seeing an episode of High Stakes Poker on GSN. Even after seeing it happen, my wife will ask me “what just happened?”

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