Suck Out

Suck Out – noun

To suck out on a player is a similar term to Bad Beat. Essentially meaning the same thing, the term applies when one player is a statistical favorite to win a hand by a large margin but the other player manages to catch the winning card(s) to win the hand instead. A typical example:

You’re holding a Flush on the flop and your opponent has top pair, top kicker. The turn gives him three of a kind and the river pairs his kicker giving him a Full House. The odds were stacked against him but he managed to catch two of the remaining six cards in the deck that would give him a Full House to beat your Flush.

This moron calls my all in when he HAS TO KNOW that I’m holding a flush. He has no flush draw of his own but manages to go runner runner for a boat to knock me out of the tournament.

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