August 4, 2015

Full Tilt Poker Updates Players on the Status of Payouts

Full Tilt players are getting more and more frustrated with the amount of time it’s taking Full Tilt to iron out all the wrinkles in their processing of payouts. Full Tilt, of course, is apologetic, and promises that it’s trying its best to get things fixed as soon as possible. Now, Full Tilt has released an update on where they are concerning the payouts. It sent the update out as an email to the players, informing them of any new developments, particularly resolutions to known issues.

A Few Updates

One of the most prominent issues about Full Tilt players who were affected by the black Friday incident is the status of their tickets or tournament dollars. Full Tilt has resolved this by converting the tournament dollars and tickets into cash. The conversion rate will be $1 for every T$1. They’ve also given a pretty nice bonus in crediting Ring Game Tickets which expired after April 15 at their initial cash value, so there’s no loss at all for players. If the tickets have been partially used, the player still gets full value.

Also, US Players won’t be able to play but their accounts will be able to keep the Black Card and Iron Man Statuses.

About the Cash Out

Quite disappointing, though, was the fact that they’re still not changing their statement about the cash outs. Full Tilt is still saying that they’re facing numerous hurdles to facilitating the refunds and that its international business is still being pretty shaky. On the other hand, they’ve assured players that they’re making progress on both these issues. They ended the note with an apology as well as another promise of an update. Tony G, in his Twitter account, is asking players to give FTP at least 2 weeks of grace to sort things out. He also said that the Full Tilt team has its personal assets on the line just to resolve this issue and are even going to liquidate their own assets. This might be the best time for players to exercise a little understanding for the Full Tilt team.

They’re obviously working their hardest just to get things right. It’s easy to forget that they were the biggest victims of the Black Friday incident. Still, with PokerStars having already resolved its own issues long ago, it’s understandable that players on Full Tilt are getting frustrated.

Carbon poker are now the best option for online poker players. They released a statement a few weeks ago saying that “We are still accepting players from around the world and will continue to do so. All players’ funds are 100% safe and secure on CarbonPoker.”

Update 25 July – Carbon Poker is no longer accepting new US signups and BetOnline has taken its place as the new leading US poker site. 


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