Companies Comprising Full Tilt Poker Claim the Money in Seized Bank Accounts

Jonathan Harris, Chris Ferguson’s attorney, filed quite a few motions on November 14th with the United States District Court (Southern District of New York). One of the motions included allowing the attorney Ian J. Imrich to participate pro hac vice. This essentially means that even though Imrich doesn’t have the license to participate in cases in the state where the trial is going to be held, he will be granted special permission to do so. The attorney is a part of the Los Angeles based Law Office run by Ian J. Imrich.

Harris States Mr. Imrich to be Appropriate for the Case

Harris stated that Mr. Imrich is an attorney with good skills and has been found by Harris to be the appropriate person to handle the case. Imrich has experience in practicing under the federal law and is well aware of the rules.

Four Documents Signed by Chris Ferguson have been Submitted

Chris Ferguson signed and submitted a total of 4 documents to the court. One of the documents mentioned a set of laws that were invoked earlier this year. It has been claimed in the document that Filco Ltd, the defendant, has the right to funds in certain accounts. Two bank accounts were listed out. The document concluded that the stated facts were verified by Chris Ferguson.

The second document asserted claims similar to the first one. The companies mentioned in the document were Kolyma Corporation A.V.V and Vantage LTD. The document stated that the companies are entitled to claim the funds seized by the DOJ (Department of Justice). Quite a few bank accounts which the DOJ seized were also listed.

Similar to the first two, the other documents had similar claims. However, documents mentioning Pocket Kings Ltd. and Tiltware LLC were different. For Tiltware LLC., Chris Ferguson laid claims to quite a few bank accounts. $196,553,080 was the amount claimed. In case of Pocket Kings Ltd., 11 bank accounts were mentioned. The cash amount to be claimed was not stated.

Kolyma and Vantage Claim their Seized Funds

Companies associated with Full Tilt Poker claimed that the money in accounts seized by the DOJ belong to the companies legally. Some are funds deposited by players of Full Tilt Poker. These have to be transferred to Kolyma and Vantage accounts. On the other hand, some funds were deposited by Kolyma and Vantage. The funds were about to be transferred to players’ accounts when the seizure took place.

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