Cake Poker Network Allows Hand Tracking Software for Players

Hand tracking software can now be used by players of the Cake Poker Network. The new policy was introduced by Cake Poker in November. The software has been the topic of much debate since its launch.

Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker Allows Players to Access Data on their Hands

Through software packages like Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker, players can access data on their hands while at tables. Chip stacks of players, hole cards and community cards are displayed on the game window automatically. This allows players to find means of improving their game play. Although it is possible to collect data manually the software does the job faster and with greater accuracy.

Software Packages Track Hands of Opponents

The most interesting part about the software is HUD (heads-up display). It allows players to not only track records of their own hands but also that of their opponents. Data related to the hands of players is displayed on the game lobby next to each player. However, the software is able to collect only the information which is available to players at the table and not something which is unknown to them. For example, if a player folds pre-flop, the cards which the player had will not be picked by the software.

Casual and Amateur Players Consider the Software to be Unfair

Professional and regular players are quite happy with the benefits offered by HUDs and the hand tracking software. However, casual players claim that the software will allow professional players to take unfair advantage in poker games. Casual players generally don’t play much. Hence, for them, purchasing the software is not likely to be beneficial.

On the contrary, professional players argue that the software is allowed to be used by all players in a poker room. If a poker site makes the software available to its players, the game is fair.

Business Reasons held back Cake Poker from Allowing the Use of the Software on its Platform

Most poker rooms want their tables to be filled with casual players as they re-deposit more than that of professionals. As casual players are not likely to prefer buying the software packages, the use of the hand tracking software was not allowed by the Cake Poker Network before. However, as pressure mounted from the online poker community, Cake Poker finally introduced the policy.

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