Grinder – Noun

A Grinder is a poker player that demonstrates an uncanny ability to play a specific limit and/or game and continue to edge out a profit (albeit a small one in relative terms). This term most often applies to low and middle stakes players that play multiple tables at once at a certain buy in or limit. They are often methodical and robotic in their actions with a heavy emphasis on the math of the game (primary focus is win rate).

While this term isn’t necessarily a compliment it’s also used to describe a player that almost goes broke (or does go broke) and returns to lower levels to “grind out” a bankroll again.

The most famous Grinder is Michael Mizrachi, who also has the aforementioned nickname. He first found fame with his legendary sessions playing on PokerStars in the middle 90′s.

I went busto after going on major tilt for a week. Now I have to grind it out at 2/4 for awhile so that I can rebuild my ‘roll.

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