Annie Duke Declared as Commissioner of New Professional Poker League

 The last we heard of Annie Duke, she was leaving UB in order to pursue other ventures. Apparently, one of these other ventures include becoming the Commissioner of the New Professional Poker League. The league isn’t actually operating yet, but is set to be launched this 2011.

A New League

Federated Sports and Gaming, an organization headed by Jeffery Pollack, David Goldberg, Jeffrey Grosman, and Michael Brodsky, announced that they would be creating a new poker league. The league would be based in Las Vegas itself – which is, really, the best home for such an organization. It’s going to be composed of 200 of the best poker players all over the world. Who these 200 are will be determined by a ranking system that takes into account a players’ achievement s throughout his or her career as a poker professional. Members will get either a “tour card” or a “lifetime exemption”. Only the best players will get the latter, and they’ll always be welcome at the league’s doors. The tour card only grants two, three, or five year eligibility for players.

Members will be able to participate in three various tournaments which will be held from August to January. Of course, some specific details are yet to be released.


Commissioner Annie Duke

Duke, one of the game’s movers, truly deserves this position as the commissioner of the new league. It really suits her in that she really does care about the industry. Furthermore, i’m sure UB are happy to know that Annie Duke is operating solo in the poker community, rather than joining one of their trusted rival casinos. In an interview, Duke said that they have long been talking about a unified league for several years and that she’s very excited to see this vision come to life. Of course, the league is still a baby for now. Previous attempts to create such a similar league have met much difficulty, so this one is likely to encounter some too. Hopefully, though, it will be able to overcome such obstacles. Those in the community are in wholehearted agreement, saying that the time is ‘overdue’ for an organization such as this one. Jeffrey Pollack , WSOP commissioner and head of the Federated Sports and Gaming Organization, has also said that the best poker professionals truly deserve star treatment, and it’s exactly what they’ll be getting in this league.

Indeed, it’s going to be interesting and extremely exciting watching them battle it out at the felt once the tournaments do begin.

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